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Washing 23 5

This cool list is from our friends at PlasticChange:

  • Fill the machine up
  • Use liquid washing powder
Reduce your plastic waste 23

Another one from PlasticChange

  • Your cloth
  • Your shopping
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Do this locally in

Autumn list 6

We compiled this list from the hot topics around you

  • Participate in the World Clean-up Day
  • Workout in cotton
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For the first Danish coffee shop offering nationwide discounts on own thermos.

True Chewing Gum

We love this chewing gum without plastic

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Coffee list

Complete this list and drink a cup of coffee with a good consience.

Bring own thermos
It tastes better, keeps the contents warm and reduces waste. We especially like flasks from ...
23 5
Drop coffee pods
A pod contains 6g of coffee, while the plastic / aluminium container comes at xx grams
Get coffee shops on board
This one is on us. We have contacted all major Danish coffee shops and hope to bring you a discount on own thermos
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